Sculpture to Villa Aymoré is the first Henrique Oliveira site-specific in Brazil

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Henrique Oliveira, an internationally recognized artist for his artworks made of pieces of wood, has been invited to exhibit the sculptures in numeral cities around the country, such as Porto Alegre, São Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro, besides some countries like France, Argentina, the United States, Mexico, and Australia.  However, this is the first time that a site-specific is commissionated in Brazil. Until now, Oliveira tells that he had produced some long-time artworks to other national institutions, but the sculpture which will occupy the stairs from Villa Aymoré, in Rio de Janeiro, is the first project from the artist thought to permanently ornament a space in Brazil.

The development on stairs is also an unprecedented fact in his trajectory. According to him, between all the options offered to the construction of the installation, the stairs were initially unconsidered, since he had thought that the structure was made of iron, instead of wood – the material used into all his basis. Now, the aim of the sculpture is to merge itself to the original material, in the way that it becomes hard to distinguish the former wood from the added one used to the site-specific. Besides the wood basis, Oliveira also considered the entry of the Villa, since there is behind the stairs a wall of rocks and on the exterior of the house, a tree that both complement the concept of the installation. He says that the elements, whose origins are natural, mix themselves to the aesthetics of the work.

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