PIPA Prize 2018 last exhibition week and catalogue release

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

The 9th edition of PIPA Prize finalists exhibition opened in the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro (MAM) on September 1st, will be available to visitors until October 27th, when the catalogue 2018 will also be released, with a resume of all the 70 nominee artists. Besides guaranteeing an exemplary, the public may also attend the exposition and know more about Arjan Martins, Avaf, Romy Pocztaruk and Vivian Caccuri. Using paintings, installations and photography in numeral themes, such as negritude, science, queer visibility and gender ideology, the four artists exhibited individual works and tendered to receive the donation of R$130.000 and a residency program in New York.

Announced on October 19th, Arjan Martins was the winner of this edition and, hence, will participate, next year, of this American purpose. The decision was made by the Prize Jury: the artist and professor Fernando Cocchiarali; the artist Iole de Freitas; the theoric Michelle Somer; the curator os PIPA Institute Luiz Camillo Osorio and the researcher Paulo Miyada completed the board.

Who attended the exposition also voted for Arjan as the favourite artist. On the 19th, he was also elected the winner of the category Popular Vote, receiving the donation of R$24.000 and proving that the painting still occupies a relevant place between the contemporary public, which is constantly stimulated by digital images.

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