See details of Henrique Oliveira’s site-specific

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Henrique Oliveira started to develop the permanent sculptures solely when he fixed himself into his own ateliê, in São Paulo, after creating numeral pieces which used to be destroyed after the exhibition in a museum or art gallery. After some time, there was a transition from the artist’s main work with paintings to a deeper concern and focus on the material utilized as base and completion. The deteriorated wood started to gain more relevance in Oliveira’s trajectory however, he considers that his work with sculptures is still a mix of aesthetics into painting, form, and material.

The new site-specific, now passing through finalization, faces the scaffold’s completion previously developed by Henrique Oliveira, while he follows the customization created by his assistants. The final phase involves a paper cover until the installation is completed with antique wood.

See details from the sculpture in the process of finalization and click here to read more about Henrique Oliveira:

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