"Acts of Transfiguration: Disappearance of a Recipe for a Saint", 2015, performance, duration: 30 minutes

Antonio Obá criticizes art censorship in Brazil on The Guardian

(London, UK)

As published yesterday by The Guardian on “Death threats and denunciations: the artists who fear Bolsonaro’s Brazil”, Antonio Obá, PIPA Prize 2017 finalist, admits that he has changed to Europe after receiving many attacks on social media. Obá was a target of insults and threats after practising the performance Acts of Transfiguration: Disappearance of a Recipe for a Saint, last year, in which he used to grind to dust a statue of the Virgin Mary until transform it in powder. With the rests, he covered the own body – black and naked – with the white powder as a critic of the veiled racism in Brazil and of the prejudice towards African religions.

Obá says he belongs to a catholic family and almost attended the seminary. O aim of the artist’s work, according to him, was “distorted and politicized”. Antonio Obá lives in Europe since last year on account of the online attacks from religious groups and conservatives.

To read fully, access https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2018/nov/07/brazil-artists-death-threats-censorship-intimidation-jair-bolsonaro

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