Henrique Oliveira’s site-specific and Institute PIPA exhibition opening

(Rio de Janeiro, RJ)

After two working months, on Saturday, December 8th, Henrique Oliveira‘s first site-specific to Brazil is inaugurated at Villa Aymoré, Rio de Janeiro. Commissioned by PIPA Institute, the sculpture was thought to occupy the house stairs, a passing area connecting to the exposition room. From this perspective, the stairs are transformed in “the sculpture and the sculpture in the circulation path”, according to Luiz Camillo Osorio, PIPA Institute curator.

To the opening, it was organized “Entre ruína e construção”, curated by Luiz Camillo Osorio, an exhibition from the Institute’s Collection with artworks that dialogue with Henrique Oliveira’s intervention. The room reunites photographies by Luciana Magno, Renata LucasRodrigo Braga, Pjota, and Gaio; paintings by Luiz D’Orey; and two video exhibitions “Dançando no Lixo”, from Berna Reale and “Piano surdo” from Tatiana Blass.

On the same day, at 6 pm, Villa also receives “A fio, a cor”, curated by Gabriela Davies. The exhibition brings artists like Christian Henkel, Goia Mujalli, Isabelle Borges and Marcia Thompson until February 3rd. Finally, Rede Jaguaribe brings up a concept of art shop with accessible objects, recalling a supermarket, in which the main ones are “pieces of meat” made of acrylic paint, cut in the shape of the Brazilian states.

“Entre ruína e construção”, collective with Luciana Magno, Renata LucasRodrigo Braga, Pjota, Gaio, Luiz D’Orey, Berna Reale, Tatiana Blass
Curated by Luiz Camillo Osorio
Inaugurated on December 8th

“A fio, a cor”, collective with Christian Henkel, Goia Mujalli, Isabelle Borges and Marcia Thompson
Curated by Gabriela Davies
From December 8th to February 3rd

Villa Aymoré
Ladeira da Glória, 26, Glória, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

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