The Levines’ home, 2018 Assaf Evron. Courtesy of the artist

Marcius Galan is sheltered in collective that merges photography and other arts

(Chicago, US)

The first initiative from Art Chicago Institute to present a series of collection-based exhibitions which relate photography to other forms of art is the collective “PHOTOGRAPHY + BOOKS Out of the Retina, Into the Brain: The Art Library of Aaron and Barbara Levine”. Gathering thousands of pieces of artwork, including works from the Brazilian artist Marcius Galan, PIPA 2010 Finalist, PIPA 2012 Winner and Member of PIPA 2013 Nominating Committee, relates photography to literature, sculptures and conceptual arts.

The collection, opened until March 17th, from the couple Levine was chosen to symbolize this collective, as they own more than 7,000 books, besides photographs and sculptures. Their “home and all its contents form one great art library”, which was assembled with postwar and contemporary pieces.

“While many of these volumes are about artists and art, others are by artists and were made as works of art in their own right. Like many of the works on the Levines’ walls, nearly all their books also foreground photography—used to make the illustrations—and language. The Levines are particularly drawn to books conceived as portable sculpture, and they approach publications and works of art in a similar manner, as objects to study and learn from”.

“PHOTOGRAPHY + BOOKS Out of the Retina, Into the Brain: The Art Library of Aaron and Barbara Levine”
From November 17th, 2018 to March 17th, 2019

Art Chicago Institute
111 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60603
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