Last week of Adriano Amaral at Condo London 2019

(London, UK)

Inspired by the concept of condominiums, Condo London opens the 2019 edition from January 12th to February 23rd. Following the idea of connecting different galleries from numeral countries around the world, host galleries share and divide their spaces with visiting galleries.

This year, 52 galleries exhibit artworks in 18 different spaces around London. Amongst them, Jacqueline Martins Gallery, from São Paulo, Brazil, is hosted in Rodeo Gallery and takes artworks from Adriano Amaral to the fair.

Inside the gallery, Amaral presents an immersive installation that was thought to simulate life through architectural changes and ephemeral interventions. With this work, he intends to explore memory, materiality and personal experiences. At the centre of the exhibition, he exhibits the film “Rurais”, which follows the night-time flight of a drone through the warehouse of the artist’s grandfather. While around the film, a network of tubes carry a light mist that fuels the living works inside the space. Just as the warehouse of Amaral’s youth holds both raw and developed materials, his exhibition opens itself up to the past, as well as encourages the growth of the future.

Condo London 2019, collective with Adriano Amaral
Directed by Vanessa Carlos
From January 12th to February 23rd, 2019

Rodeo Gallery
125 Charing Cross Rd, London
Opening hours: Tue–Sat, 11–6pm

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