Cinthia Marcelle presents “Wormhole” at the second edition of Desert X

(California, USA)

The second edition of the Desert X (Desert Exhibition of Art) biennial will run from February 9th through April 21st. The exhibition is an experimental project where artists “continue a tradition of exploring how art behaves outside of institutional walls. It’s a site-specific project, in the very real sense of the term. Whereby artists come and respond to aspects of the Coachella Valley and surrounding areas. Aspects that could be natural, social, and architectural, economic, or communal, allow the place itself, to become the curator”- according to the Desert X website.

This year, Brazil-born Cinthia Marcelle is one of the featured artists. Marcelle´s piece “Wormhole” will position television monitors in front of stores in the Coachella Valley and in Tijuana. With the project, she aims to show the juxtaposition of the two locations due to the distance between them. The facade one window shows into the other, thus it creates a kind of physical, temporal and mental crossing between spaces. Some of the other participants are: Iván Argote, Steve Badgett, Chris Taylor and the collective Superflex.

Last year, attention caught onto the biennial due to its unique and especially commissioned pieces, they should reflect the spectacle of the barren landscape of the desert. One example was the fully mirrored ranch house, on the inside and outside, across the desert of the Coachella Valley.

“Desert X”, collective with Cinthia Marcelle
Curated by Amanda Hunt and Matthew Schum
Desert X Artistic Director: Neville Wakefield
From February 9th to April 21st, 2019

Desert X 
Coachella Valley, CA
Free and open to the public

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