Franziska Pierwoss, Art of the Deal, 2019, production still

Thiago Honório takes part in “Living Room: UIT (Use it together)”


“It is an experimental ‘campus’, a kind of taba, where all human experiments will be allowed– human ones, concerning human species possibilities. It is a kind of mythical place for feelings, for acting, for making things and constructing one’s own interior cosmos–so, for that, ‘open’ propositions are given, and even raw materials for the ‘making of things,’ that the participator will be able to do.” Hélio Oiticica about Eden (1969)

Inspired by Oiticica’s discussions of Eden and theorist Stephen Wright’s concept of Arte Útil, the collective “Living Room: UIT (Use it together)”presents a site-specific proposition by resident curator Amanda Abi Khalil, organized in collaboration with ISCP’s community. The idea is to construct a “living” room that questions the idea of art: what is exhibited inside the room as art has actually a space of usership, created, used and activated (together) function.

Thiago Honório is one of the contributing artists, with his piece Exchange exchange (2019), together with Danilo Correale with Reverie, on the Liberation from Work (2017), Simone Couto with Rest in Peace (2018), Johannes Heldén with The Green Room (2019), Samuel Henne with untitled (proposition #I, II, III) (2019), Becky Kinder with Little Trees (2018), Ilaria Lupo in collaboration with Paed Conca and Sarigama with Overseas Ensemble (2015), Yann Pocreau with Diffraction 1, 2 (2018), Ian Swanson with Style options (2013) and Daniel Wagener with yellow fellow with plant (2016).

This exhibition includes a television channel with six videos that comment on the aesthetics of participatory approaches in social art practices, through art projects that took place in different contexts in Lebanon, Germany, Bahrain and the United States.

“Living Room: UIT (Use it together)”, a collective featuring Thiago Honório
Curated by Amanda Abi Khalil
From February 12th to May 10th, 2019

1040 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Tuesday through Friday, 12-6pm

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