Vivian Caccuri, "Soul Transplant", 2019 Photo: Hendrik Zeitler

Vivian Caccuri inaugurates “Soul Transplant”

(Göteborg, Sweden)

Known for the use of sound in her artworks – as a way to combine experiments in sensory perception with issues relating to the past -, Vivian Caccuri, PIPA Prize 2018 finalist, inaugurated her new installation in Göteborg, Sweden, on February 9th.

“Soul Transplant” is a sound and light installation, exploring stories about the interdependencies between humans and mosquitoes. It is developed after “Mosquito Shrine”, in which she questioned why mosquito´s noise cause such distress in tropical countries. In her new work, Vivian ‘proposes a narrative to re-bond with these insects whose buzz is hated by our ears’, since, according to her, malaria, yellow fever and other arboviruses became a threat of life to humans.

The installation was written and recorded during a residency in Sweden. Played mostly in the dark in a multi-channel large-scale sound and light installation, it combines human voice, pipe organ, mosquito sounds and wind instruments.

“Soul Transplant”, a solo exhibition featuring Vivian Caccuri
From February 9th to April 7th

Röda Sten Konsthall
Röda Sten, 414 51 Göteborg, Sweden
Opening hours: Tue Thu, Fri 12 pm to 5 pm; Wed 12 pm to 8 pm; Sat-Sun 12 am to 6 pm

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