Last Day to see Ivan Grilo and Nino Cais at SPRING / BREAK NYC

(New York, USA)

AnnexB, the first New York based non-profit organisation that exclusively offers artistic residencies to Brazilian artists, will participate in the 2019 SPRING / BREAK Art Show in NYC. The organisation will be part of their special projects section with RECIPES FOR A B_R_Z_L_?, curated by Tatiane Santa Rosa. Ivan Grilo and Nino Cais are two of the Brazilian artists brought by AnnexB, most of them are former AnnexB residents.

The works selected will comment on the ways through which national narratives seek to discipline bodies, target groups based on class, racial or ethnic backgrounds, and shape us as individuals by imposing rigid notions of gender and sexuality. These works respond in very different ways to made-in-Brazil nationalistic orders and rules, as if unmasking far-right alarming fictions and their very real effects. Some of the artworks in RECIPES FOR A B_R_Z_L_?  elaborate on the format of the flag and Brazilian national symbols, while other works emphasise the presence of the body to comment on questions of race, gender, and sexuality. 

SPRING / BREAK Art Show is an internationally recognised exhibition platform, where atypical and historic New York City exhibition spaces are used to challenge the cultural landscape of the art market. The eighth annual exhibition will be held from March 5th – March 11th, 2019. The initiative offers independent curators free space inside NYC landmarks, in exchange for no-cost exhibition space, visionary artists are challenged to engage the areas under a unifying theme. The 2019 theme is Fact and Fiction. As the organisation´s website says: artist identities and lives are more and more considered alongside their work, rather than exterior to them. “In this way, the “fact” of a person and their environment—the artist and their world—and the “fiction” of their creation—their art—feel blended more than ever.”

RECIPES FOR A B_R_Z_L_?, collective with Ivan Grilo and Nino Cais
Curated by Tatiane Santa Rosa
From March 5th to March 11th, 2019

866 UN Plaza, NYC, New York, USA
Opening hours: 11am to 7pm

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