Study for Massive Kinship (Solitary promenade), 2019

Laura Lima takes part in the Sharjah Biennial 14

(Sharjah, UAE)

From March 7th to June 10th 2019, the Sharjah Art Foundation hosts its 14th Biennial. During this time, three unique exhibitions will be showcased: “Look For Me All Around You”, “Making New Time” and “Journey Beyond the Arrow”Laura Lima, 2010 and 2011 PIPA nominee, will show her work in the “Look for Me All Around You” exhibition, curated by Claire Tannins. Her piece is titled Massive Kinship (solitary promenade)”. Described by the artist as a floating promenade of dark body-planes against pale architecture, the work is animated by the mechanised movement of suspended veils that pass through space and around other bodies in motion, stirring up sensations of inexact harmony and tune.

Every two years, the Biennial has a different theme: this year it was chosen to be Leaving the Echo Chamber. As the foundation´s website explains: In popular culture, the ‘echo chamber’ is a moniker for circuitous news media and their attendant feeds, which are reinforced by a closed network controlled and governed by private sources, governments and corporations. It is also a metaphor for the historical dominance of capital and the cultural, social and political systems that dictate its access, production and distribution—this ‘capital’ wooing (and thus privileging) particular images, languages, skills, histories and geographies. Most tangibly, the ‘echo chamber’ is the space wherein sound hits and reverberates, where memory and imagination echo across surface, across space and across time. The fourteenth edition of Sharjah Biennial begs the viewer to consider a number of concerns. What does it mean to demand alternate images at a time when news is spoon-fed to us by a monopoly of sources? How do we expand our narratives by acknowledging what has been hidden or removed? How can we reflect on our own culturally located histories in an era when so many individuals have been forced to believe that they must surrender their own agency to the mainstream forces that exist and govern our world?.

The Sharjah Art Foundation is located in the historic Art and Heritage areas of Sharjah, activities and events take place throughout the year and include exhibitions that feature international and Arab artists. Their mission is to bring a broad range of contemporary art and cultural programmes to the communities of Sharjah, the United Arab Emirates, and the region.

“Look for Me All Around You in the Sharjah Biennial 14”, collective with Laura Lima
Curated by Claire Tancons
From March 7th to June 10th 2019

SAF Arts Spaces
House of Mohid. Hussan Kathoum, Sharjah, UAE
tel: +971 6 544 4113

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