Last weeks to see “En Construccíon”, by Ivan Grilo

(Buenos Aires, Argentina)

“En Construccíon” features works that reveal the dynamic that makes up a collection and investigates the dialogue between poetic possibilities, and political, social and historical questions that arise from the artists´ creations. Curated by Hersilia Álvarez, Camila Feal, Amanda Nascimento, Cecília Rabossi and Juliana Robles de la Pava, Ivan Grilo is one of the 21 international artists that have contributed to the exhibition. 

For the first time, the MUNTREF collection features an exhibition that is literally in construction, heterogeneous and with no single criteria. Made up of donations, acquisitions and parts of other temporary showings. In it, there are waves of meaning and works that establish a complex cosmography. 

From a point of view that questions the limits of its own present timing, “En Construccíon” proposes a dialogue between expressions of modernity and contemporary production that allows new debates to be activated and new problems to be extrapolated.  

Themes from the uses of language, immigration, discussions about the environment and the search to make visible the relations between the visual and the textual, questioning the natural and social environment are present in the array of works presented. 

“En Construccíon” – group show with Ivan Grilo
Curated by Hersilia Álvarez, Camila Feal, Amanda Nascimento, Cecília Rabossi and Juliana Robles de la Pava
From 23 of March to 27 of April, 2019

MUNTREF – Museo de Artes Visuales
Valentín Gómez 4838. Caseros, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday from 11am to 8pm

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