Check out the three last video-interviews of artists nominated for PIPA 2019

Watch more video interviews with artists nominated for the 2019 PIPA Prize, produced by Do Rio Filmes and published this week. In them, you can learn about the works, career, inspirations and much more about Octavio Schipper, Panmela Castro and Desali.


Moving through multiple languages, such as painting, photography, performance and video, Desali’s work is characterized by the subversion of hierarchies, both artistic and social. The waste of the city and the smallest memories can have artistic value, just as the figure of the artist is seen with irony and treated in a common way. He promotes contact between the suburbs, disadvantaged groups, and the art world, questioning the institutions and contaminating them with the street’s energy.

Octavio Schipper

Bachelor in Physics from the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) in 1979, Otavio Schipper explores the perception of time and the cultural memory of objects. In his installations elements of hard science and technologies from different periods lead the public into territories more closely associated with dream states and imagination dives, instead of a systematic organization of knowledge and predictions about the universe. Schipper has presented his work in cities such as Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Berlin, London and Paris. In 2017 he has received the KLAS Award by the Max Planck Society, working as a resident artist at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands and at the Max Planck Institutes in Germany.

Panmela Castro

Originally a graffiti artist from the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro, Panmela Castro was interested in the discussion that her marginalized female body established in city, dedicated herself to elaborate performances based on personal experiences, in search of mutual affection from those with similar experiences. She has a Master’s degree in Arts from the Rio de Janeiro State University (UFRJ); developed projects in more than 15 countries; had her work exhibited in institutions such as the Stedelijk Museum; and is in art collections such as the United Nations. She has received numerous nominations for her human rights activism. 


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