Sonia Gomes presents first solo exhibition outside Brazil

(Brussels, Belgium)

The Silence of Color is Sonia Gomes’ first solo exhibition outside of Brazil. Mendes Wood DM Brussels presents a collection of her work that brings together cultural movements and traditions intrinsically linked to the affirmation of memory, identity and the transformative power of creation in situations of vulnerability and invisibility. 

Gomes’ connection to the world of fabric originated in her hometown, Caetanópolis, a peripheral city of the capital of Minas Gerais. Her father’s family had a generations of working in a textile factory and she grew up with the strong presence of her maternal grandmother, a midwife and faith healer who initiated her in the practice of binding and braiding. Since childhood, Gomes collected pieces of cloth, winding them together with different materials of various environments, including clothes and furniture. 

Her compositions spring to life through a casual practice of deconstructing and re-assembling objects that when brought together, evoke the idea of the visceral and the sacred. Through this intuitive process, Gomes honors the previous history and agency of the objects, creating eclectic compositions that are imbued with the rich history of Brazil, as well as the personal history of the artist, her family and her community. 

‘The Silence of Color‘ solo exhibition with Sonia Gomes
From June 8th to August 3rd, 2019

Mendes Wood DM
13 Rue des Sablons / Zavelstraat, 1000 Brussels Belgium
Tel: +32 2 502 09 64
Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 7pm

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