Laura Belém inaugurates her first permanent public artwork

(Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany)

Comissioned by Wildbad Rothenburg, Laura Belém inaugurates her first permanent public artwork, in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, in Germany. From July 9, the piece, part of the programme Art Residency Wildbad, is part of the Wildbad Park collection. The invitation is part of a larger project which, over 10 years, will invite contemporary international artists to create specific and permanent public works.

The artwork was developed in three months and it features a poem by Nora Gomringer, specially written and recorded for this project. The work is inspired freely in the history of Wildbad Rothenburg, a place famous for its thermal and healing waters in the past, and for the subsequent extinction of these hot springs. Permanently housed within a small cave in the park, the work interacts with the outside landscape and the surroundings, but also relates to an “inner landscape” where nature, memory, place, poetry and imagination intertwine and respond to one another. In this sense, the theme of water serves as a starting point for exploring deeper psychological and emotional states, linked to concepts of memory, time, orality and displacement.



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