Lucia Koch installation commissioned by Christopher Grimes Projects

(Tysons, Virginia)

“Light and air are the vital substances of a space, converting it into a place to be inhabited and transformed”.

Commissioned by Christopher Grimes Projects, Dusk and Dawn was created by Lucia Koch for an environment of coexistence and communication — though sound and air are isolated, transparent (glass) walls offer a visual continuity in between distinct spaces. Koch’s project comprises of a thirty foot LED back-lit color gradient light box which spans the height of the three-floor atrium. The installation was created for the TEGNA headquarters, designed by the architectural firm Lehman Smith & McLeish (LSM). The light box establishes a dialogue with the free-flowing curtains installed on the opposing side of atrium. The curtains, though separated by a floor, represent one continuous vertical color gradient establishing the overall unity of the work which represents the color transitions throughout the course of the day.

The draperies are a moving boundary, inviting people to interact and eventually redefine the configuration of the spaces they inhabit, experiencing the different atmospheres that the work creates. The back-lit panel has its color transition visible from all three levels—its light permeating the experience, occupying the room and constantly revealing a dialog with the natural light that washes the atrium during the day. Found on the twentieth floor of the building, the monumental light box is visible from the surrounding area throughout the day and evening. These various interventions are thought of as a single unified work of art. Dusk and Dawn is now in the permanent collection of TEGNA.

Dusk and Dawn, installation by Lucia Koch
Commissioned by Christopher Grimes Projects to TEGNA

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