Maria Laet takes part in the OTIUM #4 Project

(Villerubanne, France)

“Quase um Nada” is Maria Laet’s latest solo show. Curated by Nathalie Egino and Elli Humbert at the Instate D’Art/ Rhône-Alpes in Villeurbanne, her performances incite the viewer to slow down, to become aware of what usually escapes us, and focus on what remains: the imprint the trace left in the wake of the gesture, the silence which follows the breath. 

They are sometimes acts of care, of reparation, like when the artist fills in cracks in the ground with milk or when she sews the earth closed with needle and thread. Sewing can be seen then as a way of linking elements and their surface. The notion of skin, as a transmitter of her intentions, is primordial in the work of Maria Laet.

The solo show is part of the OTIUM #4 project, remaining until August 11th.

“Quase um Nada” solo show by Maria Laet
Curated by Nathalie Egino and Elli Humbert
From May 28th to August 11th, 2019

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