Moisés Patrício presents “Um Exu em Nova York”

(New York, NY)

In August 14th, Hersey Haiku House and 1Future organize a night of Afro-Brazilian art and cuisine to present the exhibition “Um Exu em Nova York” by Brazilian artist Moisés Patrício, visual artist and art educator who works with photography, video, performance, rituals, and installations on works that deal with elements of Latin and Afro-Brazilian culture. At 4pm, he will present a projection and, later, an Art Talk.

From the Yoruba worldview Moisés Patrício produced a series of drawings and paintings with references to African sculptures (Togo, Benin and Nigeria) found in the art collection of American artist John Hersey. These new artworks by Moises Patricio are an homage to the connection between John Hersey and our common African ancestry. Patricio also looks the work of John Hersey and how  his life and work in confluence with black culture in Brazil.

With fluid motions juxtaposed with linear forms; Complex pace punctuated with quietness, Moisés Patrício produced during his artistic residency at Haiku House, drawings, a video art and two large-format paintings entitled “leave” to explore the cosmic geometry of encounters and reunions and thus celebrate these traditions. African language and its ability to express the deepest dimensions of life. The exhibition is curated by Cannon Hersey and its title was inspired by the title of the book by Brazilian writer Cidinha da Silva.

“Um Exu em Nova York”, solo show from Moisés Patrício
Curated by Cannon Hersey
August 14h, 2019

Hersey Haiku House
1221 Chestnut Ridge Road Millbrook, NY 12522
1-7 PM

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