Last week to see “The Street. Where the World Is Made”

Following an initial version at the Museum of Contemporary Art, MAXXI, Rome, the exhibition at La Panacée, The Street. Where the world is made”, offers substantial space to video, since it is through the screen—a sort of interface between the private and the public spheres—that we perceive the world today. Hou Hanru’s project brings together 60 artists from all over the world, it offers a lively, poetic, and political panorama of this public arena. The exhibition revolves around several street-centered themes:

The main themes that compose the exhibition are “Politics”, with drawings and paintings dealing with social or protest movements and demonstrations by international artists, including Cinthia Marcelle, and Jonathas de Andrade; “Everyday life (work, leisure, eating, etc.)”, in which artists now perceive the street as both an extension of the domestic space and as a locus of marginalization and social exclusion; “Action”: artists have been invading the street spaces since the 1960s. It is often felt as an ideal platform for experiments and actions that highlight the sense of depersonalization and loneliness inherent to the urban environment; and “A transitional space” favoring the osmosis between interior and exterior, as the street is a place for shared, common experiences.

The street is finally the cartographical zone where traffic, commerce, entertainment, and lighting intersect to set up systems of hierarchy. The street is where urban planning unfolds and where utopia overlaps with functionalism; it is there that flows of humanity and of energy are channeled. These phenomena surface in works by Rosa Barba, whose metal pipes structures amplify sounds from beneath the ground, and Zhao Zhao, who recreates a bitumen roadway from which emerge the ghosts of roadkill cats…

The Street. Where the world is made”, collective with Cinthia Marcelle, Jonathas de Andrade, and other 58 international artists
Curated by Hou Hanru
From June 8 to August 18, 2019

14 rue de l’Ecole de Pharmacie, Montpellier
12 am to 08 pm

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