avaf participates in the group show “Collection N.10”

(Lyon, France)

Avaf is participating, from September 18th until the 4th of January, 2020, in the group show “Collection N.10”, in Lyon, France. The name avaf stands for “assume vivid astro focus”, and it comprises the duo Eli Sudbrack and Christophe Hamaide-Pierson. Eli was born in Rio de Janeiro and Christophe is from Paris. The exhibition they are in is part of the parallel program of the Lyon Contemporary Art Biennale, which is considered the most important art event in the country.

“Collection N.10” is being held at Interior and the Collectors, an artist run-space. They describe themselves as a normal setting, not a conventional art gallery: it is an apartment in an old building, what provides an intimate atmosphere, since it is a private space that was not designed to host the event – it was designed for everyday life. Also, there is more freedom when choosing the artists and artworks, because the venue is not restrained by an specific topic, so there is no problem in mixing genders and artists that are emerging with those that are established. As written in their website: “A private space gives us the possibility of total freedom, a local and dense exchange that builds on the foundations of a multicultural and meaningful art, another way to see an exhibition”.

“Collection N.10”, group show featuring avaf
From September 18th until the 4th of January

Interior and the Collectors
40 rue Tramassac, 69005 Lyon
Saturday, 2pm-7pm, and by appointment

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