Clipping | BBC UK radio reportage about Brazilian art mentions PIPA Prize

“What is like to be an artist in a country led by a far-right President?” is the main question proposed by BBC UK in the article “Brazilian art under Bolsonaro”. Considering Bolsonaro’s recent comments on race, homosexuality and the environment, Brazilian artists and thinkers comment on the effects of this conservative period to the art scenario. Oliver Basciano mentions the persecution of Antonio Obá, 2017 PIPA Prize Finalist, and highlights the ascending number of black artists in Brazil during the last years in galleries and expositions despite the political setback.

Lucrécia Vinhaes explains PIPA Prize functioning and this years’ Finalist Exhibition in Villa Aymoré. Luiz Camillo Osorio talks about each 2019 Finalist work, that address topics such as racism issues, social inequality, feminist appeal, Brazilian historical, economic, political and media structures, among others. The radio report also includes Cabelo‘s performance and Guerreiro do Divino Amor‘s installations audios from the Finalists’ Exhibition.

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