Sara Ramo in Sala Alcalá: “La caída y otras formas de vida”, the solo show

(Madrid, Spain)
Sala Alcalá 31 presents the exhibition “La caída y otras formas de vida” by the artist Sara Ramo, an installation made specifically for that space and which constitutes an experience that is impossible to be replicated in another context. It will be displayed from September 11 until November 3rd.

The artist raises a false wall that destabilizes the exhibition space, which generates asymmetry and reveals its own simulation condition. “La caída y otras formas de vida” happens in two spaces: on the ground floor, the artist works intensively on the columns  of the room from an structural point of view, but also from a symbolic one. With this practice, a new interpretation of this architectural element of Sala Alcalá 31 is generated, a place that was, in the past, headquarters of the Commercial and Industrial Bank. This new interpretation is based on heterogenous and mostly disposable materials.

On the second floor, Sara suggests a little different order, but that still complements the former one. In this work, the walls honor their original function, taking in a group of textile collages that resemble flags or banners, and that are placed between the demonstration, the procession and the carnival, respecting (or parodying) the forms of a classical art gallery. The show constitutes itself as a political scenography, a tale of the current state of things.

Sara is known for working with elements that are present in our everyday life and reconfiguring them into strange presences, discussing the relationship between humans and objects, specially those considered disposable, decorative or of little importance.


“La caída y otras formas de vida”, by Sara Ramo
From September 11 until November 3rd

Sala Alcalá 31
Calle de Alcalá, 31, 28014 Madrid, Spain
Tuesday to Saturday, 11 am – 8:30 pm; Sundays, 11 am – 2 pm
Tel .:  91 720 82 51
Free Admission


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