The group show “Intruso” discusses the mystery behind objects

(Madrid, Spain)

“Intruso” brings together the work of many artists, including Ana Mazzei, Dani Steegmann, Michel Zózimo, Matheus Rocha Pitta and Sara Ramo. It is curated by Bernardo José de Souza and Isabella Lenzi, and it’s being held at Salón, in Madrid, from September 13th until September 20th. The exhibition deals with how we are so connected to objects that participate in our everyday lives, and like that they hold meaning and emotions, but even so we barely know about them. We don’t know their history, their past, so they can be seen as mysterious domestic creatures that surround us and give meaning and purpose to our routine and to our memories. We end up having an intimate relationship with these items, as if we and them were connected by an umbilical cord.

In the group show, there are a small group of objects that function alone and that incorporate different appearances and purposes from their original ones. The text concerning the exhibition talks about this mystic concept that regards items: they can come back to life even after being “killed” or forgotten. They are functional when we are using them, and dysfunctional when they are put aside. They are seen here with almost human-like characteristics: they are always watching, even in the dark, sleepless, talking to each other and remembering their past and those they lived with. Objects are a receptacle of our desires, anxieties, emergencies and of our anguish, and in this show, they are the main attraction.

“Intruso”, group show featuring Ana Mazzei, Dani Steegmann, Michel Zózimo, Matheus Rocha Pitta and Sara Ramo
From September 13th to September 20th

Calle Guillermo Rolland, 3, 1º, 28013, Madrid, Spain
Closing: September 20th, 7pm-11pm


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