Thiago Honório participates in the Campo Air residency

(Pueblo Garzón, Uruguay)
CAMPO is an Artist Residency located in Pueblo Garzón, Uruguay. The institutions hosts eight artists at a time in eight cabins with private studios. CAMPO AIR offers one-month residencies twice a year in the Uruguayan spring and fall for up to eight artists. This year, Thiago Honório participates in the residency program, nominated by Gabriel Peréz-Barreiro, Patricia Druck and Heidi Lender.

CAMPO is a new creative colony that supports international artists and cross-cultural collaboration by providing residencies for committed visual, literary, musical, digital and culinary talents from around the globe in a unique rural setting in Uruguay. CAMPO offers uninterrupted time and space for personal work and reflection, and serves as an incubator for creative thought, cultural exchange and community engagement.



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