Maria Laet, "Terra", 2015, Parque Lage

Maria Laet participates in “I remember Earth”

(Grenoble, France)

The works of art brought together at Centre national d’art et de cultures a way of relating to the Earth as a living being and to earth as a physical object. In “I remember Earth” they echo the diversity of contemporary debates on environmental issues. Driven by a keen awareness of the fragility of the natural order, these artworks articulate a plea of intercession for the environment and a summons to heed the heartbeat of the world and engage with the secret life that animates it.

Contemporary artists, such as Edith Dekyndt, Sabrina Torelli, Rachel Labastie, Carolina Cordeiro, Maria Laet, and Chiara Camoni engage the earth through humble, quasi-vernacular practices such as calling on the elements and capturing the invisible threads that tie together the components of the universe. The exhibition also receives works by Gina Pane, Ágnes Dénes, Teresa Murak, as well as Celeida Tostes and Judy Chicago, who have prepared the way for current artistic practices.

The exhibition is not limited to a display of inert and deactivated objects. A dozen different Rituals, performed by artists and other healers, will breathe life into the exhibition spaces (in other words, animate them).

Active vigils, photographs, videos, drawings, sculptures, installations, and rituals compose a grand and beautiful ode to the enchanted, nourishing, inhabited, cherished, and memorialized Earth. At the intersection of poetics and politics, the exhibition constitutes a critical exploration that is simultaneously metaphysical and telluric, philosophical and social in nature. 

“I remember Earth”, group show with Maria Laet
From September 5 to december 15, 2019

Centre national d’art et de cultures
Site Bouchayer-Viallet, 8 esplanade Andry-Farcy, 38000 Grenoble


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