Marilá Dardot participates in “El animal herido”

(Mexico City, Mexico)

In the framework of the 70th anniversary of the arrival of architect Mathias Goeritz to Mexico, the El Eco Experimental Museum opens the exhibition “El animal herido”, which brings together the work of 15 Mexican and Latin American artists, including Marilá Dardot. According to David Miranda, curator of the exhibition, the name of the exhibition is based on a homonymous sculpture that Goeritz made in 1951.

Considering that the exhibition reflects on tensions of race, class, gender and environment on Latin American post-industrial societies, David Miranda explained that the sculpture “criticizes the idea of ​​dehumanization of art exhibited years before in Europe by José Ortega y Gasset”; however, “for them it really was the society that was dehumanized.” In that context it was possible “to create a curatorial script around the crisis of modern individual subjectivity, the result of a post-industrial consumption society, sheltered by the arms industries” added the curator. David Miranda stressed that this exhibition has “a Latin American spectrum, because it is made up of Mexican artists, from Brazil, Argentina and Latin America”.

The discourse of “El animal herido” aims to link historical problems such as “the imposed vision of colonialism, policies of extractionism, patriarchal, Eurocentric and Caucasian racial policies” that have impacted throughout the region over the past half century.
“El animal herido”, group show with Marilá Dardot
Curated by David Miranda
From October 18th to February 9th, 2020
El Eco Experimental Museum
Sullivan 43, Col. San Rafael, Mexico City, Mexico


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