PIPA 2019 Finalists Exhibition Retrospective

After almost two months on display, we closed the tenth edition of the PIPA Prize on September 28th. During the exhibition, we prepared a special program at Villa Aymoré to present the finalists’ works and, when we reached the end, we thank the artists, researchers and curators who marked PIPA 2019. We now prepare a retrospective to recall some of the highlights of the Prize.

Among the finalists, Berna Reale works with installations and performances. The artist, from Belém, Brazil, was a finalist in 2013 and winner of PIPA Online 2012. Berna mixes issues of crime and social conflict that she witnesses as a criminal expert at the Pará State Center for Scientific Expertise, since 2010, with her artwork. Berna presented “Terra sem Jejum”, installations that refer to the death of childhood in Brazil, a country that arrests and murders a significant portion of its young people, especially the poor and black population. The artist prepared a conversation about the work on opening day.

Cabelo is a poet, musician and plastic artist and produces drawings, paintings, sculptures, songs, performances, videos and “instaurações”. Focusing on the expressiveness of the body, Cabelo presented at the opening of the exhibition his work “Luz com trevas”, a mix of exhibition, show and a disc, languages ​​that mix together to form a single work.



 PIPA Prize 2019 Winner 


Guerreiro do Divino Amor, winner of PIPA 2019, builds in his work a universe of science fiction from fragments of reality, using mainly audiovisual techniques, publications and installations. His research explores “Superficções” a fictional world atlas that explores political, social, and religious issues. In the exhibition, Guerreiro presented three videos from this series, SuperRio, Supercomplexo Metropolitano Expandido and Cristalização de Brasilia, about Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Brasilia. Guerreiro received an additional donation of R$ 30,000 for the prize and will develop a new project with this investment from the PIPA Institute.

Award Jury


The winner was chosen by the invited Award Jury: Luiz Camillo Osorio, Tadeu Chiarelli, Jessica Gogan, Raphael Fonseca and Regina Silveira. We greatly appreciate the collaboration of the professionals for the prize.

Special activities


In addition to Cabelo’s performance and conversations by Berna Reale and Jaime Lauriano on the opening day, other activities were included in the exhibition’s gallery schedule. On Saturday, August 24, Villa Aymoré prepared a series of educational activities for children at the Gallery, from collages to storytelling. On the last day of the exhibition, September 28th, Clarissa Diniz led a conversation with Guerreiro do Divino Amor, the Prize winner, and Luiz Camillo Osorio also spoke with Marcelo Campos.

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