“Rumor”: Luiz d’Orey’s solo exhibition at Elga Wimmer PCC, NY

(New York, NY)

Luiz d’Orey’s new exhibition is being held at Elga Wimmer, in New York. “Rumor” investigates the presence of public opinion in spaces that were once occupied only by big broadcasting companies, and it presents a new series of paintings, a video and a sound installation. The artist, a PIPA 2019 nominee, is also interested in reflecting on our digital existence.

In the series of paintings called “Cascade”, referencing the juxtaposition of windows on a computer interface, the idea is to create a visual representation of the flow of information in social media. To obtain that effect, d’Orey uses diverse techniques, such as spray painting, laser printing and laser cutting. The layers of materials overlap each other just like the windows overlap each other on the computer screen. Other than that, “the manipulation of appropriated content as masses of agglomerated text and noise” (release) is further explored in an installation of video and sound.

As explained in the curatorial text, the artist’s “intricate compositions signal the continuity of noise and abstraction in an era dominated by algorithmic augmentation, electronic codependency, and addictive behaviors”. Merhi also points out how d’Orey’s work deals with “the spreading of a deeply saturated life” that contains a big data marketing, personalised ads, gaming and social media disorders.

“Rumor”, solo show by Luiz d’Orey
From September 27th through October 19th
Curated by Flávia Tamoyo

Elga Wimmer
526 West 26th Street, New York, Suite #310
Tues – Sat, from 12pm to 6pm

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