Opposition to Brazil’s current government in “Aparelho”, group show featuring Paul Setúbal

(Porto, Portugal)

Paul Setúbal is one of the artists that integrate the group show “Aparelho”, which will be open to the public on next Thursday, November 14th, at Maus Hábitos – Espaço de Intervenção Cultural, in Porto, Portugal. The exhibition is curated by Tales Frey, and all of the 18 participating artists have close or similar political ideals, are against Brazil’s current government and developed pieces in different medias that question and denounce acts from it.

The  name of the show, “Aparelho”, is based on the period of the Brazilian military dictatorship, that lasted from 1964 until 1985. “Aparelho” is how the place constituted by a group of activists that had similar anti-government ideals was called, and where they would organize meetings, devise strategies, store materials of propaganda and even hide objects such as weapons, money and ammunitions. That place was the closest to a safe environment these people had, and where they could take refuge in dangerous situations and share their suffering, but also their wishes and accomplishments.

Tales Frey’s curatorial text comments how that period of Brazil’s history was recently awakened by unworthy atrocious people and how, in his opinion, the Brazilian Constitution was severely wounded in 2016, leading to a coup d’état that “paved the way for a sociopath in 2018 – who literally exalted a torturer as a hero – reach the presidency through an election proven to be based on fraud, calumny and slander through fake news and utter dishonesty”, as written in Frey’s text.

Frey also defines Brazil’s current regime as a mixture of neoliberalism and fascism, dehumanising lives and ending them for the sake of capital. He, at the end, affirms: “In their approaches, such artists (also activists), in festive, emancipatory, sarcastic, playful or simply documentary creations, denounce genocide, repression, prejudice and setbacks in an environment of militancy and affection, where we can intuit the preparation for battle, but also be careful to go strong and conscious to the fight”. The group show will be open to visitors until December 30th. 

“Aparelho”, featuring Paul Setúbal
From November 14 until December 30th

Maus Hábitos Espaço de Intervenção Cultural
Passos Manuel 178 Street, 4th, 4000-382 Porto, Portugal
Tuesday 12h – 00h, Wednesday and Thursday 12h – 02h, Friday and Saturday 12h – 04h, Sunday 12h – 17h

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