Rethinking Africa in “Retours à l’Afrique”, featuring Jonathas de Andrade

(Bandjoun, Cameroon)

Jonathas de Andrade participates in the group show “Retours à l’Afrique”, held at the Bandjoun Station art center, a space that was inaugurated on November 16, 2013 by Mrs. Ama Tutu Muna, Minister of Arts and Culture of Cameroon. The exhibition will be open for visitors from November 15th, 2019, until June 30th, 2020.

The word “retours”, meaning “return”, refers to a specific episode in history, the “Back-to-Africa” movement, which dates back to the nineteenth century and it’s full of implications, ambiguities and complexities. In this exhibition, the idea of return “will be thought in the form of a real return, imaginary or symbolic, to Africa” (group show release), considered as a place as well as a construction of the spirit, as a reality only as well as an object of fantasy.

Thinkers such as Achille Mbembe and Felwine Sarr are debating the need for decolonization of Africa by Africa itself, and they started in 2016 the “Ateliers de la pensée” (“Workshops of thought”) that happen every year since, in Dakar, and that area a fruitful attempt to return, which means to “‘rethink Africa today’ and to ‘take care of it’; and, more generally, to think about the decolonization of knowledge and imagination” (release).

Several artists undertake innovative initiatives in the continent, and their challenge is to participate in the work of construction of a new model for Africa. They renegotiate history and, without miserabilism but with full awareness of the risks for the future,”Retours à l’Afrique” ​​will consider more generally, as explained in the release, “the contemporary issues of economy, politics, wars and migrations, society, ecology. With its wealth, its beauties, its problems, its trauma and its place in the world”.

“Retours à l’Afrique”, featuring Jonathas de Andrade
From November 15th, 2019, until June 30th, 2020

Bandjoun station
P.O Box 52, Bandjoun – West Cameroon
Open everyday, from 9 am until 18 pm

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