“Suffer better”, with Regina Parra

(New York, USA)

“Why do we suffer? Is my suffering unique? Is there a set amount of suffering in the world so that if one escapes suffering, a heavier amount must befall another? Why are there some materials that are polished by the grindstone and others that break with the friction?” – Alexandra  Hammond, curator.

Until December 2, the work of the artists in ‘Suffer Better’ embodies the possibility for intimacy with, and transformation of suffering — a composting process that liberates us from a hierarchical perception of better and worse. Natalie Baxter refigures tools of emotional and physical violence into huggable sculptures while Sarah Grass draws the processes and pathways of the mind forming thought, building and dismantling ego’s protective storylines. Joanne Leah styles and photographs bodies in states of interbeing — layered with pigments, gilding and other bodies.

Regina Parra’s paintings and video reclaim gestures deemed unwell by the emergent field of psychiatry to formulate a new vocabulary of feminine desire. The drawings and video of Pippi Zornoza examine the mind’s impulses to collect, ruminate and revisit in its attempts to create stability in a ground of constant flux.

‘Suffer Better’, with Regina Parra
Curated by Alexandra Hammond
Until December 2, 2019



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