Third Coimbra Contemporary Art Biennial

(Coimbra, Portugal)

From five sentences by João Guimarães Rosa in ‘A Terceira Margem do Rio’ (The Third Bank of Rio), written in 1962, Coimbra created the conceptual axis to guide Anozero, its biennial: silence – ‘our father said nothing’ ; passage – ‘far, not found’; marginality – ‘smugglers, border dwellers’; invention – ‘performed the invention’; and finally militancy – ‘enough of a purpose’. These five theme phrases are interpreted through a plurality of voices: in tripartite curation, they guide the exhibition; by the authors, they structure the catalog; and serve as a starting point for the activation program under development by the students of the Master of Curatorship of the College of Arts of the University of Coimbra.

The Anozero – Coimbra Contemporary Art Biennial will be, for its third edition, curated by Agnaldo Farias with Ligia Afonso and Nuno de Brito Rocha as Deputy. This year, the exhibition A Terceira Margem receives around 40 participating artists, including Erika Verzutti, Cadu, José Bechara and Marilá Dardot.

The biennial is happening in ten different spaces, Santa Clara-a-Nova Convent, Chiado Building and the City Hall, by the University of Coimbra (Science Museum – Laboratorio Chimico, Science Museum – Gallery of Natural History and College of Arts), and the spaces of the Coimbra Circle of Plastic Arts (Headquarters and Mermaid, the last curated by Tomás Cunha Ferreira), between November 2nd and December 29th.

Anozero – Coimbra Contemporary Art Biennial, with Erika Verzutti, Cadu, José Bechara and Marilá Dardot
Curated by Agnaldo Farias with Ligia Afonso and Nuno de Brito Rocha
From November 2nd and December 29th


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