“Brasil!” in Turin: Brazilian contemporary art is presented at the Ettore Fico Museum

(Turin, Italy)

The Ettore Fico Museum, in Turin, receives for the first time the vast collection of Ernesto Esposito, an internationally renowned designer that has collected and that still collects important works by the greatest contemporary artists in many medias, such as photography, paintings and videos. From this multifaceted collection, pieces were selected for the group show “ME TWO”, which is divided into two sections: “Some people” and “Brasil!”. The latter features artists like AVAF, Arjan Martins, Laura Lima and Maxwell Alexandre.

The exhibition “Brasil !”, whose title is a reference to the film by Terry Gilliam in 1985, intends to, as explained in the curatorial text by Elisa Ravazzolo Botner, “focus on the latest generations of Brazilian artists who have marked a turning point and outlined, in the international scene, new routes and new paths, posing as a real school and current”. The Brazilian art is vast and has different identities, just like the territory, that has urban and peripheral areas, and that is rich in history and in traditions.

Some of Brazilian elements mentioned in the text by Elisa that are present in the show are the aroma of the earth and flowers, Bossa Nova, Samba and the architecture from both the favelas and Brazil’s capitol, Brasilia, designed by Oscar Niemayer. Concerning materials, Opavivarà!, for example, use simple domestic and common objets in their art, such as hammocks, crockery and pots. The pieces created by the artists evoque the social state of the country, and they combine aesthetics with dense political and economic problems. 

“Brasil!”, featuring AVAF, Arjan Martins, Laura Lima and Maxwell Alexandre
From October 30th 2019 until February 16th 2020

Ettore Fico Museum
Via Francesco Cigna 114, 10155 Turin
Wednesday to Sunday, 11 am – 7 pm


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