“lindalocaviejabruja”: Sara Ramo’s work at the Museo Reina Sofía, in Madrid

(Madrid, Spain)

Until March 2nd, 2020, Sara Ramo’s “lindalocaviejabruja” will be presented in Madrid, a project made expressly for the Museo Reina Sofía’s Fisuras program. 

The Museo’s website has a video commenting what the Program Fisuras is: “a program that, unlike other exhibitions, it is not based on an ideia to which artists must adjust themselves, but one that consists of producing new works, in offering space to the artist and from there they do their own work. In other words, the artist’s decision resides merely at the moment in which one or another artist is chosen”. Sara Ramo’s work occupies two spaces in the Sabatini Building: Espacio 1 and the Protocol Room, which she connects with a proposal centered on what she perceives as the implications and difficulties of being a woman. As explained in the exhibition’s description, “Through spatial interventions, installations, and a video, the artist alludes to the domestic, everyday, autobiographical and popular theatre spheres as well as puzzling and absurd elements that suggest unexpected and open forms of relation with seemingly familiar objects and environments”.

The work developed by Ramo experiments with areas closer to the unconscious, magic, fiction and mythology, aiming to create narrative resistances that allow her to establish new spaces and temporalities, and, with those, she invites visitors to question previously acquired values. Her production is made in different medias, such as video, installation, sculpture and collage, and it starts by “appropriating elements, scenes and spaces from daily life that she reshapes with the goal of removing them from their original context and integrating them into her pieces. Specifically, Ramo explores the moment at which objects cease to have meaning in people’s lives and at which situations of change and loss in their natural order are created, not only in terms of form but also appreciation and significance” (Museo’s website).

“lindalocaviejabruja”, project by Sara Ramo
From July 24th, 2019, to March 2nd, 2020

Museo Reina Sofía – Sabatini Building
Calle Santa Isabel, 52, 28012 Madrid
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