Works developed by Isabela Couto during the Epecuen Residency

(Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Isabela Couto
developed videos and a site specific during the Epecuen Residency she was selected for, which took place in Villa Lago Epecuén – name of a settlement in ruins -, Buenos Aires. The purpose of it was to think the ruin as a contemporary paradigm for poetic constructions surrounding the fragmentary. In 1985, a flood submerged Epecuen completely and forced the city to be totally evacuated, but, after 20 years, the water started to evaporate and the ruins of the city could be seen. The area is declared a Historical Heritage for holding edifications of the modernistic stage of Argentina.

In her residency, Couto investigated the water, beginning and end of Epecuen, and presences of life that currently inhabit the ruined city, such as insects, small and big vertebrates. The investigation with water was developed with the making of site specifics registered in video. In these works, the artist captured and diverted the water of the Epecuen Lake using an hydraulic bomb – the hydraulic bomb was part of the history of the city, because it was through the use of those that the water level was controlled. The diverted water bathed ruins of old bathing showers.

Some of these works were displayed in November at the Ambos Mundos gallery, in San Isidro, Argentina, and in December they will be in Montevideo, in Uruguay. The curatorship was made by E. M. Saubidet. You can check two of her works below:

“Matadero Fountain”:

“Os atuais moradores: Hotel Monterreal”:

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