“Cards on the Table”, solo show by Sara Ramo in Mexico

(Guadalajara, Mexico)

Sara Ramo presents the exhibition “Cards on the Table” at MAZ, the Museo de Arte de Zapopan. The works displayed are shaped in different medias, such as sculptures, collages and interventions inspired by the “Theater of the Absurd” and that, as explained in the solo show’s release text, “evoke with critical eye the structures that have encouraged and continue to foster the current social and political tensions in Brazil and in the world”. “Cards on the Table” has it’s opening today, on January 31, and can be visited until May 31.

The work which the exhibition is named after is a series of ten collages made of cloth, pigment and sewing, resembling festive banners. From the ten pieces, three integrate the show, “like lost cards from some guessing game” that, “when combined, the titles of the collages become a kind of poem or carnival march” (release). These titles are listed, in English, bellow:


1. To everyone’s faith, my mirror

2. To the daughters and sons of this soil

3. Not so placid borders

4. There are untold stories

5. The king is naked

6. Gold cribs

7. Profit is not everything

8. Celebration matters

9. Joy moves us

10. Save the delusional dream!

The political issues addressed in those sentences set the tone for the exhibition, noticeable in works such as “Social Contract”, in which Ramo balances fake stones on different types of metal rods while, on the ground, a real stone lies on it’s on weight. Another piece, “Detrito-origem”, is composed by fake stones made of clay, earth, cement and embedded banknotes, and, as explained in the exhibition’s page, the “artist establishes here a geology of desire through a tendency to consume: the way in which money is ontologically structured in our experiences and relationships”.

“Cards on the Table”, solo show by Sara Ramo
From February 1 to May 31

Museo de Arte de Zaponan
Andador 20 De Noviembre 166 centro historico, 45100 Zapopan, Jal., México
Tuesday to Sunday, 10am to 6pm; Thursday, 10 am to 10 pm
Free admission

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