Gê Orthof participates in ‘Viberations of Pasaquan: Contemporary Artists & St. EOM’

(Georgia, USA)

Thirty-three years after Eddie Martin’s death and three years after a restoration of Pasaquan by the Kohler Foundation, St. EOM (as Eddie Martin used to call himself) is now having his most meaningful impact in the art world with exhibitions in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and Paris. Artists have come to visit Pasaquan (a 7-acre compound near Buena Vista, Georgia, where Martin created an internationally renowned art site) from across the globe, from places as far-flung as New York, Los Angeles, and Brasília; many have left inspired and influenced by St. EOM’s vision.

From January 16 to February 22, ‘Viberations of Pasaquan: Contemporary Artists & St. EOM’ explores the significance and influence that St. EOM’s vision has had on contemporary artists who have visited Pasaquan. The group show is curated by Jonathan Frederick Walz and Michael McFalls and features Martha Clippinger, Eddie Domingues, Charles Fowler, St. EOM, Matthew F. Fischer, Gê Orthof and Saya Woolfalk. Orthof participates with the installation “Pasaquan: The second card”.

Born in rural southwest Georgia in 1908, Eddie Martin hitchhiked to New York City at the age of fourteen to pursue a life of adventure. During a high fever in 1935, Eddie received his first vision from a futuristic gender-fluid being who ordered him to amend his way and to follow the path of Pasaquoyans, a new religion. Eddie agreed, changed his name to “St. EOM” (pronounced “ohm”) and became the world’s first—and, as far as we know, only—Pasaquoyan. St. EOM would remain in New York for two decades, developing his spiritual belief system and crafting a Pasaquoyan aesthetic that lavishly fuses pre-Columbian and Native American motifs with 1930s New York fashion design. In 1956, the Pasaquoyans returned to St. EOM in a vision and commanded him to return to his recently deceased mother’s farm, located eight miles outside Buena Vista, Georgia. There he worked as a fortune teller and card reader and began his final, most significant work: the creation of Pasaquan. St. EOM would end up devoting the last 30 years of his life to this seven-acre art environment.

‘Viberations of Pasaquan: Contemporary Artists & St. EOM’, group show with Martha Clippinger, Eddie Domingues, Charles Fowler, St. EOM, Matthew F. Fischer, Gê Orthof and Saya Woolfalk
Curated by Frederick Walz and Michael McFalls
From January 16 to February 22, 2020

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