“Dystopia” features Laura Lima until the end of January

(Krefeld, Germany)

Laura Lima participates in “Dystopia”, the third and final exhibition of the “Alternatives for Living” project, which the Kunstmuseen Krefeld has been holding throughout the year to celebrate the Bauhaus Centenary. The project looks at the way we will live together in tomorrow’s world, and will be displayed until the 26 of January, 2020.

The first exhibition of the project, “Utopia”, opened on May 5th and it resulted in multiple alternative models for living, that came from a critical engagement with the global digital society and a focus on current challenges such as resource and housing shortages, as explained in the museum’s website. The third show, called “Act 3: Dystopia”, which features Laura Lima, is composed of four installations at Haus Esters, one of the venues for the temporary exhibitions of the Kunstmuseen Krefeld, and a culinary intervention in the kitchen at Haus Lange, another venue. The installations and the culinary intervention compare and contrast the utopian and mobile blueprints for living in Haus Lange and in the gardens with dystopian scenarios from multiple perspectives, as comment in Kunstmuseen Krefeld’s webpage.

Lima developed a project for the historic kitchen at Haus Lange. During the period of the exhibition, the artist will have meals prepared there several times a week, and these will be made non-perishable, sealed in light- and air proof containers, and put in the museum’s collection to be consumed at some point in an uncertain future.

Alongside Laura Lima, Banz & Bowinkel, Michal Helfman, raumlaborberlin and Slavs & Tatars also participate in “Dystopia”. Dystopian futures in which societies lose their humanity are the theme of creations such as “Brave New World”, by Aldous Huxley, “1984”, by George Orwell and “Matrix”: new technologies can be the source of promises and of threats at the same time. As explained by the museum’s director, Katia Baudin, “This third exhibition in September completes the circle, the dystopian ideas at Haus Esters serving as a response and complement to the utopian blueprints at Haus Lange. This gives rise to a dialog between the two houses that addresses forms of future living from different perspectives”.

“Anders Wohnen (Alternatives for Living) – Dystopia”, group show featuring Laura Lima
From September 15, 2019, until January 26, 2020

Kunstmuseen Krefeld
Haus Lange Haus Esters, Wilhelmshofallee, 91-97 47800, Krefeld
Tuesday, Thursday to Sunday, 11 am – 5 pm; Wednesday, 3 – 9 pm

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