Brazilian artists present works about authoritarianism and censorship in “Against, Again: Art Under Attack in Brazil”

The Anya and Andrew Shiva Gallery, in New York, hosts the exhibition “Against, Again: Art Under Attack in Brazil”, which deals with the present transnational wave of authoritarianism by featuring a number of art practices that have responded to oppression in Brazil. The group show was curated by Tatiane Schilaro and Nathalia Lavigne, and organized by AnnexB-NY. It can be visited from February 14 until April 3, 2020.

Thirty one artists participate in “Against, Again: Art Under Attack in Brazil”, including Marcelo Amorim, Nino Cais, Jonathas de Andrade, Clara Ianni, Randolpho Lamonier, Jaime Lauriano, Antonio Manuel, Arjan Martins, Virginia de Medeiros, Ismael Monticelli, Regina Parra, Moisés Patrício, Dalton Paula, Berna Reale and Aleta Valente.  The show addresses the growing violence against social groups that are traditionally repressed, and against activists, politicians, intellectuals and artists; and it also deals with acts of censorship that have returned, together with a “dangerously nostalgic desire for the return of a military dictatorship has taken place among different segments of society, feeling political actions that have made direct reference to the period of 1964-84, the last authoritarian regime”, as described in the group show’s press release. A brief diagnosis of these times is presented in the exhibition, which counts with evaluations of historical conditions of authoritarianism in Brazil and examples of how artists have thrived and created new imaginaries to endure oppression.

As explained in the show’s press release, the “exhibition travels back and forth in time, linking different generations of artists and exploring connections between systems of power as old as colonialism and current neofascist discourses. Topics of censorship, hate speech, and systemic erasures are addressed by artworks that can be looked at through four intersecting topics: ‘Exposing Oppressions’, ‘Dismantling Silencing’, ‘Defiant Subjectivities’, and ‘Media Insertions and Agency’”. Marcelo Amorim participates with the artist’s book “Escola Normal” (Normal School); Jonathas de Andrade comments on a 1950s’ UNESCO study that celebrated Brazil’s racial miscegenation and targeted international audiences, while also disseminating racial stereotypes; Aleta Valente deals with threatening right-wing hate speeches that became popular on networks such as Instagram; and Antonio Manuel created, during the last dictatorship, in the 70s, works known as “media insertions to challenge state propaganda”.

The show reminds us that “In the face of adversity and silencing, artists featured in ‘Against, Again: Art Under Attack in Brazil’ continue to believe in the emancipatory power of art and its ability to create alternative worlds”.

“Agains, Again: Art Under Attack in Brazil”, group show
From February 14 until April 3, 2020

The Anya and Andrew Shiva Gallery
John Jay College of Criminal Justice
860 11th Avenue, New York, NY 10019
Gallery Hours: 10 AM- 6 PM, Monday to Friday

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