Laura Lima, Marcius Galan, Desenho sujo e errado [Dirty and wrong drawing], 2019

Laura Lima and Marcius Galan work together for Arco 2020

Laura Lima and Marcius Galan were invited to form a duo for an exhibition at ARCO, in Madrid, what resulted in an intense exchange between them that began in the middle of 2019, the year prior to the show. That was when they “decided to investigate what interests and concerns they shared as artists, since both initially did not see points of contact between their works”, as explained in the press release.

Concerning this partnership, Laura discusses: “the situation of the encounter, of looking at the other, thinking about the temporary living space and the border that comes close to the other naturally leads to an attempt of understanding what is similar. Marcius has a very strong research on materiality and at the same time plays with the sense of vision, deceiving perception, which made me return to issues of gravity and limit”. Marcius also commented on working with Laura, sharing that the close conversation with her made him recover the experience of delight with the work of art, which, he explains, is a capacity that you lose in the day-to-day life of the studio. He also talked about the influence that they had on each other: “We realized that there is a lack of control in our works, when she mixes charcoal and cotton in her drawings and I mix rubbers with graphite; but it was interesting how, throughout this dialogue, one actually contaminated the gaze of the other”.

ARCOmadrid is the International Contemporary Art Fair of Madrid, held annually in February in the Spanish capital. It is one of the main contemporary art fairs of the international circuit, and it presents a selection of national and international galleries, including other spaces that, according to the ARCO’s website, “will broaden the vision of visitors around contemporary art”.

Arco 2020, featuring Laura Lima and Marcius Galan
From February 27 to March 1

Avda. Del Partenón, 5; 28042, Madrid, Spain

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