Frieze cites Brazilian artists who criticize the country’s social inequalities

Based on left-wing Brazilian artists who represent the northeast of Brazil in their works, Frieze published ‘Art Under Bolsonaro Turns to Brazil’s Rural Frontier’. Citing Renata Lucas, PIPA Prize 2010 winner, Thiago Martins de MelloBerna Reale (PIPA Prize 2019 finalist), Paul Setúbal and Daniel Albuquerque, the magazine describes artworks that denounce the policemen violence against mostly black and indigenous young men who live in north and northeast states besides other social issues witnessed in Brazil.

As an example, ‘Skin Gymnastics’ (2019), by Berna, is analyzed, as well as ‘Tropeiros’ (Muleteers, 2019), by Setúbal, a 2019 series of untitled sculptures by Daniel Albuquerque, ‘Necrobrasiliana’, by Martins de Melo, ‘Andar de cima’, (Upper Floor, 2018), by Lucas, and others. Rosangela Rennó and Júlia Rebouças, members of Nominating Committees and Award Jury are also mentioned. 

Silas Martì, the writer, also debates how polarized the political speech is in Brazil and how this is reflected in the elections, with Bolsonaro as president, and censorship in arts as a reality.

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