Maxwell Alexandre represents Brazil in ‘Have you seen a horizon lately?’

(Marrakech, Morocco)

Taking its title from a song by Yoko Ono, ‘Have you seen a horizon lately?’ explores the politics of space and place and is an invitation to see and know the world differently. The exhibition, at the Museum of African Contemporary Art Al Maaden (MACAAL), features works from a selection of emerging and established international artists including Maxwell Alexandre, (Brazil), Yoko Ono (USA), Kapwani Kiwanga (Canada-France), Rahima Gambo (Nigeria) and Amina Benbouchta (Morocco).

From February 25 to July 19, 2020, they exhibit a variety of media with several new commissions. The group show, curated by Marie-Ann Yemsi, presents artists who lived their environment in a sensitive and committed way.

Maxwell Alexandre exposes his life at Rocinha, a favela in Rio de Janeiro, to create a complex and engaged narrative around Brazil’s context. His ‘in situ’ installation of paintings on brown paper created specifically for this show addresses social, cultural and political issues.

Whether inspired by architecture, urban archaeology and landscape or personal geographies in relationship to the body and history, the work of these contemporary artists resonates strongly with some of the most pressing issues in the world today. Questions around ecology, the unequal distribution of wealth and power, the colonisation of territories, situations of oppression, and fixed and reductive conceptions of identity are all themes explored in the exhibition.

‘Have you seen a horizon lately?’, group show featuring Maxwell Alexandre
Curated by Marie-Ann Yemsi
From February 25 to July 19, 2020

Museum of African Contemporary Art Al Maaden (MACAAL)
Al Maaden, Sidi Youssef Ben Ali, 40000, Marrakech, Morocco
+212 (0) 676 924 492

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