The fourth episode of “Artifício – podcast do PIPA” is available now!

The fourth episode of “Artifício – o podcast do PIPA” is available now! It is called “Conversa com Aleta Valente”.

“Everybody that has an online persona is creating a fiction of themselves”.

On this fourth episode of Artifício – o podcast do PIPA, we talked to the artist Aleta Valente, or, as she is known on social media,”Ex-miss Febem”. Nominated for PIPA 2017 and 2019, Aleta has been using Instagram since 2015 to publish self images, pictures produced by the artist in which she self represents herself. With humor, Aleta uses an avatar and memes to approach social matters, such as the objectification of the female body on the media, the right of abortion, the difficulties of urban mobility between Rio’s suburb and the other areas of the city, and other subjects.

Listen to the episode now here or access it on the streaming platforms, such as Spotify and Apple podcast, or visit our Youtube channel called Prêmio PIPA. The audio is only available in Portuguese.

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