“A Role Play”: watch Roberto Winter’s video work

Each week, Mendes Wood DM is sharing, through it’s e-mail, video works by one of the artists they represent, from Saturday morning to Sunday night. This week they are presenting a video by Roberto Winter, nominated for PIPA Prize 2012, 2013 and 2014.
You can check the video work’s description as well as watch it bellow:
“A Role Play is a fictional Icelandic documentary investigating a series of five short videos made by a mysterious Brazilian individual who ultimately confesses to having murdered the president of the USA. Both the documentary and the individual videos featured in it, made by the murderer, address the intelligibility of current hegemonic modes of communication, the way in which we acquire information, along with its inherent shortcomings, and distortions, while at the same time confronting them with real current political events.
In August 2017, an e-mail marks the endpoint of an investigation that has lasted several weeks only to end inconclusively. Meanwhile, a video posted on XVideos introduces a shocking revelation: its narrator, who claims he committed the crime, thought he was never identified as the culprit, claims that his story has been misrepresented by the press, leading him to make his own confession in his own way.

Understanding his motivation means following his steps as we navigate a complex online puzzle. An Icelandic documentary tries to tell the story of a journalist who followed the killer’s digital footprints through an online archive of his digital life on sites and social networks such as YouTube, Whatsapp, XVideos. Wikipedia, Instagram, among others”.

“A Role Play”, 2017, 42’51”

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