Meet the artists selected for the emergency support ‘PIPA em casa’

Due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, which asks us to continue in social isolation, many artists, in addition to health hazards, face a crisis from a creative and financial point of view. Many produce works thinking of the public space as support. Others, who were preparing exhibitions for 2020, are looking for a virtual space to show their work.

Due to all the crossings that isolation causes to artists, the PIPA Institute decided to create ‘PIPA em casa’ (PIPA at home), which in addition to allocating 10 emergency support donations of R$ 5,000 (five thousand Reais) to 10 artists, is also a virtual exhibition that brings together recent works by Brazilian artists. All 480 artists who have participated in at least one edition of the PIPA Award since 2010 were invited to ‘PIPA em casa’. The result of the incentive was very positive, 127 artists presented high-quality works, considering the challenging context of artistic production. Some artists sent works for ‘PIPA em casa’ without claiming emergency support.

‘PIPA em casa’ is a virtual show with works produced mostly during social isolation, but works previously done were also accepted. Among them, photographs, videos, sculptures, and performances are shown in the exhibition.

Today, we announce the ten artists selected by the PIPA Board who will each receive R$ 5,000. A virtual exhibition with all the works sent by the artists can be seen on the website.

Read the full announcement of ‘PIPA em casa’ by clicking here.See the full exhibition here, which will remain on the website indefinitely.

Below, the list of the selected artists in alphabetical order, with the works presented to ‘PIPA em casa’.

– Agrade Camíz

– Armando Queiroz

– Castiel Vitorinno Brasileiro

– Denilson Baniwa

– Grupo EmpreZa

– Isaias Salles (Ibã Huni Kuin)

– Jaider Esbell

– max wíllà moraes

– Moisés Patrício

– Renan Cepeda

See the works:

Agrade Camiz
PIPA Prize 2020 nominee

“Sinta-se em casa mas lembre-se que não está”, 2020
Latex, acrylic, oily pastel, dry pastel and spray on cotton canvas, 200x210cm.

Armando Queiroz
PIPA Prize 2010, 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2019 nominee

“Lago do esquecimento”, 2020, photography.

Castiel Vitorino Brasileiro
PIPA Prize 2019 nominee

“Acredito no amor como uma ventania que espanta o medo”
Photography, São Paulo, 2020

Work done during the fourth week of quarantine in Brazil.

Denilson Baniwa
PIPA Prize 2019 nominee
Winner of PIPA Online 2019

“Mártires Indígenas”, April 2020, in quarantine.
Acrylic and vinyl paints; cotton and bird feathers collected in the villages, 60x80cm.

Grupo EmpreZa
PIPA Prize 2013 and 2018 nominee


Isaias Salles
PIPA Prize 2016 nominee

“yuxibu”, 2020
Acrylic on canvas, 200x400cm

Jaider Esbell
PIPA Prize 2016 nominee
Winner of PIPA Online 2016


“Contrapandemia – Fazeres em quarentena Contextualizando a obra”, April, 2020
Direction: Jaider Esbell
Photography direction: Cláudio Lavôr
Curatorship / Production: Jaider Esbell er Marcelo Camacho
Assistence of production: Parmênio Citó
Images: Cláudio Lavôr e Marcelo Camacho
Sound direction / Sound landscape: Cláudio Lavôr
Sound caption: Marcelo Camacho
Still photography / Thumbnail: Giulia Gabriela
Sound and video edition: Cláudio Lavôr (Biosphere Records Audiovisual)
Web Designer: Márcio Lavôr
Location: Galeria Jaider Esbell
Boa Vista, Roraima, Brazil


max wíllà morais
PIPA Prize 2020 nominee

1. “to show to hide Rabos e Gruda-gruda em casa”, from the series To show/To hide, 2020
2. “to show to hide Rabos em casa”, from the series To show/To hide, 2020
3. “to show to hide Rabos com minha mãe Elenice Guarani”, 2020

Moisés Patrício
PIPA Prize 2016 nominee

From the series “Aceita?”, 2014-2020, photography, diverse materials, 18 x 18 cm

Renan Cepeda
PIPA Prize 2012 nominee

Three photographs that are part of a bigger group produced by the artist during quarantine:
– Retrato de Hermes Freimann Verly, farmer, 2020, photograph
– Nossa Casa em Vargem Alta, 2020, photograph
– Alimentos doados a nós pelos colonos, 2020, photograph

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