Find out new pages and video-interviews of PIPA 2020 nominees

The pages of the artists nominated for the PIPA Prize are gradually fed with content related to their work. Each participant has its page, in which there is information about its trajectory, images, texts, and/or videos about the works. These pages serve as a catalog of contemporary Brazilian art and can be updated by the artist at any time.

In this post, we present some pages of the 66 names of PIPA 2020. The artists below participate for the first time:

Bia Leite

With a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts by the Universidade de Brasília, Bia Leite focuses her studies on painting, engraving, drawing and cinema. Her collages are what guide her creative process, addressing subjects such as violence, conflict, daily life, love, questions about gender and sexuality and the strength of the TLGBQI+ family. Music shows up in her works as the soundtrack of metaphorical fictional images. It may be surprising to see her painting series including movie names, music albums, blogs and memes of Ceará’s drag queen reality show. Links between composition texts and acclaimed pop culture images.

Bruno Rios

Bruno Rios holds a Master’s degree in Arts and Bachelor degree in Visual Arts by Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG). The questions related to the body, the landscape the displacement, the play, and the draw are concepts tools used by him in an intent to open possibilities for the world’s interpretation and reconfiguration.

Cecilia Lima

Cecília Lima is a visual artist who lives and works in Brasilia, Brazil. Her production investigates the relations established due to walking in the city as a process, where the daily routes are the driving force on her field of research. She also takes interest in architecture and diverse materials, as objects, images and sounds that she gathers during those walks through the streets. The artist studies Visual Arts at the University of Brasilia – UnB. Exhibits regularly since 2017. In 2019, had her first solo show in Esponcedra Art and Culture Gallery, Barcelona, Spain.

Eduardo Montelli

Eduardo Montelli’s practice moves between performance, video, photography, and archiving. His jobs expose several concerns about the influence of documentation, narratives and other forms of “registration own” in the way we live and are socially recognized. From an improvisation process and everyday experimentation in the spaces he lives, especially the houses, he produces images that intertwine fiction and reality, materiality and virtuality, revealing identity in constant construction and deconstruction.

Flavia Bertinato

Flávia Bertinato earned a BA in Fine Arts from IA / UNESP, a Master’s in Visual Arts from ECA / USP and currently she is a Ph.D. student in Fine Arts, Visuals and Interartes at EBA / UFMG. From a wide range of materiality and transpositions in the symbolic field, Flávia Bertinato has been exploring in her paintings, photographs, installations and sculptures, matters about ways of social interaction, intimacy, anonymity and allegorical constructions that problematizes the female gender.

Rodrigo Braga

Rodrigo Braga was born in Manaus (Amazon, Brazil) in 1976 and raised in Recife, where he pursued a degree in Visual Arts at the Federal University of Pernambuco (2002). In 2012 Braga won PIPA Popular Vote Exhibition category, during the Finalists Exhibition at MAM-Rio, and donated the work ‘Biólito’ to the permanent collection of the Museum. In 2013, the artist won the Emerging Talent Prize of Art Museum of São Paulo – MASP.

Yukie Hori

Hori holds a BFA and MFA from the University of Sao Paulo and currently is a PhD candidate in Visual Arts at Tokyo University of the Arts. She believes to be an essayist-zuihitsuka-artist, who in an erratic way, investigates varied themes of interest, testing different plastic solutions that tension the relationship between space, time, narrative, audience. Hori has been taking part on national and international exhibitions, artistic residencies, and has received the awards: “V Prêmio Diário Contemporâneo de Fotografia” (2014), “VI Prêmio de Artes Plásticas Marcantonio Vilaça e Rede Nacional Funarte” (2011), UNESCO – Aschberg Bursary Program for Artists (2011).

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