“QUE VÃO QUE VEM”: artworks by Pedro França in dialogue with Victor Gerhard

“QUE VÃO QUE VEM” is a selection of recent work by the artist Pedro França (1984) interfacing with pieces created by Victor Gerhard (1936) between 1965 and 1982. The online exhibition, open from June 25th until August 25th, is the first project from Galeria Jaqueline Martins to explore the virtual possibilities brought by the urgency of social distancing.

Among the artworks by Pedro França are paintings, installations, videos and collages from the past two years, and among Victor’s are gouache paintings, collages, photographs and videos created between 1965 and 1982. This is part of a research carried by the gallery, whose mapping of 70s and 80s artists overlooked by audiences and critics alike strives to catalog and provide novel takes on these important productions. Some of the practices shared by both artists are the appropriation of codes, strategies and typography from mass media, the fiercely critical commentary, and the visceral use of scenes whose popular resonance is tantamount to an attempts at gauging the absurdity that hovers over contemporary society.

The virtual exhibition was planned with the gallery’s physical space in mind and taking advantage of the online format to explore new possibilities, as explained on the show’s release: “The rules that normally apply to exhibition facilities have been suspended in this digital environment. A bonfire burns in the middle of the exhibition room as a bored ghost, captured by security cameras, strolls around the empty gallery”. Concerning this idea, the release comments on this proposition of mixing references of the physical real space with other elements, questioning what space we are talking about as a new show “opens” at self-isolating times when art galleries are closed:

“Relying on 3D modeling, archival photographs, and gallery security camera footage, the project seeks to place itself in a middle ground where, despite being projected in a real space, there is no reason to follow the physical, temporal and logical limitations of this space”.

Click here  to visit “QUE VÃO QUE VEM”.

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