Virtual exhibition “Lost in Translation” brings together multiple artists

The art gallery A Gentil Carioca organized it’s first virtual exhibition, “Lost in Translation”, with projects created by Cabelo, Jarbas Lopes, João Modé, Laura Lima, Maria Laet, Maxwell Alexandre, Rodrigo Torres and Vivian Caccuri.

The exhibition is composed, also, of a video and a curatorial text. As written on it,

“Are ideas questions for the future?

Lost In Translation removes the fake veil that covers reality, the historical, social, political and aesthetic (in)visibilities of the formerly called progress. Getting lost in translations is a challenge in search of balance”.

Among the participating artists, Cabelo presents the rap video clip “Ladainha do Morto”, a poem by Gerardo Mello Mourão which was put to music and recorded by the artist for the artwork “Luz com Trevas”, that involves a record, a concert and an exhibition. As to Laura Lima, she brings “Desejo”, a work in which she offers the observation of her drawings to the space, and the task is made by an astronaut on a space base orbiting the earth, resulting in an “interplanetary artistic mission”. Maxwell Alexandre participates with an installation – composed by Romeo Mirrors and a Capri Pool – which can be accessed by the public, barefoot, and the visitors are invited to “enter the mythology that the artist has been building from symbols of the popular culture”.

The exhibition happens from May 22 until July 25. You can know more about it and visit it here.

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