Visit artworks by Alex Cerveny on the artist’s Online Viewing Room

Until July 31th, an Online Viewing Room (OVR) with artworks by Alex Cerveny will be available. The show, organized by Casa Triângulo gallery, gathers multiple pieces by the artist, and the visitor has the option of exploring details of the bigger paintings through amplified images. Concerning the choosed works, the gallery informs that the OVR features those that, produced in different times, contemplate the diversity of techniques and references that distinguish Alex Cerveny’s trajectory, and the works present narratives that comment, in a unique way, on the complexity and sublimity of the contemporary world.

Besides the artworks, the OVR counts with a video of the artist in his studio in which he talks about his creative process and about other aspects of his paintings, such as the presence and the importance of calligraphy and the thematic of dreams. Also on the online page are phrases about the production of Cerveny from the own artist, from Renato Rezende, from Rodrigo Petronio and from Giancarlo Hannud, and a biography that explains that Alex is inspired by “everyday images and characters extracted from literature and also from the universe of mass culture. His work is full of personal references, such as his experience as a circus artist, present in the numerous twisted and elastic figures in his drawings”.

One of the quotes by the artist, present in the OVR and that contributes to understand his production, is:

“I feel more like a writer that write images, I feel more like a chronicler than an artist. The tradition that I like in art is that of telling stories, like altarpieces, like the Assyrian walls that tell stories of battles…”.

To access the Online Viewing Room click here.

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